Welcome to this course

Hello and welcome to this course. If you have registered for this course, it means that you are a student at UNISA and you want to pass this course with flying colours.

What you will need:

Well, you are at the right place. For this course you will require:

  1. The textbook prescribed by UNISA. An Introduction to Communication Studies, Sheila Steinbrg, 2007. Please note that it has to be the 2007 edition. There is a later addition, but UNISA does not use it.
  2. The Study guide. If you haven’t received any guides from UNISA, they can be downloaded from myunisa.
  3. Past year papers – these will help you understand the type of questions that can appear in the exams.

What this course offers:

In this course, I will help you to understand the content so that you won’t have difficulty in answering questions.

I will also post questions or quizzes that will help you answer the multiple choice questions in the exam.

In order to succeed, you need the following:

Before you even begin studying, you need to do the following:

A study plan

This will allow you to plan for all your modules, not just Communication. Take into account all that you have to do in a day, your work, family, cooking, cleaning etc.

A workplace setup that will allow you to study without being disturbed

This is very important. It helps to get things in order in your mind. Your workplace should be exclusively for studying if you can allow for that. Set yourself up for success. Put up a study timetable on a wall, have some paper, pens, pencils, colour pencils etc.

A time management schedule

This will help you fit everything that you need to do in the time that you have. It also helps with procrastination.

A positive attitude

This is the most important aspect. It is important that you psych yourself up for success. If you feel like a failure, that is what is going to happen. You need to know why you are studying and constant remind yourself of your goal. Write it in bold and put it up on your wall where you see it everyday and read it out to yourself. Long distance learning is lonely. You need a lot of encouragement to get through the semester. Keep telling yourself you are a winner and you will be one.

How to approach studying:

When you start studying, do it methodically. Initially, you will find it difficult to understand the concepts in the book, but with perseverance and constant reading of the course matter, it will become easier and I will be with you every step of the way.

  1. First, read through the chapter. Even if you don’t understand anything, just READ.

2. Then read through for the second time, this time, look at the words in bold. Pay attention to what they mean.

3. When you read through for the third time, you will be able to read and understand the content and you can work on your

assignment simultaneously.

Remember, EVERYTHING is important for exam purposes. There is nothing that you can leave out.

Now that we have the basics in place, let’s move on to the first chapter.